Soul Meditations – CD


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My ‘Soul’ Meditation CD is designed to provide you with a simple, effortless way to transcend your daily life, bringing you more in tune with your Souls deepest purpose. It’s an all-original series of four tracks, designed by me, with music by Derek McCarty.

Each track is crafted to enliven a specific area of your Soul, allowing you to meditate and saturate in it, whenever you want! Through regular use of my meditation tracks, you will find an increased awareness of your own Self growing from within.

Meditation has been around forever and the process is simple: remember who you are and what’s important for you, and let the rest go. Each of my meditations aims to guide you through the process so you’re not on your own. My voice guides you all the way, and the musical accompaniment helps to further deepen the experience.

When you purchase the CD, you’ll get a bit of information about each track, what it’s all about, how it’s used, and also how the music was designed to compliment it.

I’m very proud of this release, and happy to share it with you! This is the physical release, which features some really great all-original cover art and liner notes.

1. Morning Intention
2. Chakra Cleanse
3. Loving Kindness
4. Spirit Guide