• Moving Beyond The Podcast: Where Are They Now?

    In this episode of Moving Beyond we revisit three of our guests to see if a session with a grief therapist and a psychic medium had an impact on their life. We reconnected with Shannon, Billy, and Carrie to discover if they’ve been able to move beyond their grief in a new way.

  • Moving Beyond Suppressed Grief

    After two significant losses in his life, Billy suppressed his emotions and never fully processed the death of his father and sister. He’s afraid that releasing the emotions now will be too overwhelming and all encompassing. If he doesn’t process the grief and begin expressing his emotions, he may lose important relationships in his life.

  • Moving Beyond a Motherless Childhood

    Losing her Mother at the age of 14, Carrie’s Father stepped into the role of both Mother and Father. After her Father passes away in 2017, Carrie struggles to reconcile her feeling that she grew up without a female role model and the impact that it has had on her life.

  • Moving Beyond Losing Everyone

    Still reeling from the loss of her father, mother and younger brother, Shannon is in desperate need of a way to cope with her grief. She’s struggling to conceive and is looking to find renewed hope.

  • Moving Beyond an Abuser’s Suicide

    Jamie grapples to find peace with her verbally abusive husband after he commits suicide. His death leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about herself and their relationship.