• Season Finale: Moving Beyond Losing a Young Child

    Korinna’s daughter Alice was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia at 18 months old and after two failed bone marrow transplants she died at the age of 2. Korinna worries that she didn’t do enough to help her daughter and struggles to connect with her husband who is grieving in his own way, making her feel more alone than ever.

  • Moving Beyond Moving On

    When the world unexpectedly went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus, Danielle, who lost her husband a few years ago found her grief resurfacing as she faced parenting truly alone for the first time. Danielle has realized that she doesn’t want to be a solo parent for the rest of her life. Can Danielle move beyond what her life once was and seek permission from her love to find a new love?

  • Moving Beyond Homicide

    Ann struggled with the choices her son made as a young adult, but she never gave up on his ability to turn his life around. His life was taken before he was given that chance. Ann struggles to grieve after the murder of her son and the life he was never able to have.

  • Moving Beyond Trauma and Addiction

    Emma’s mom passed when she was 16 years old and her father spun out, using drugs to excess. As an adult, she removed herself from her father’s life and flourished on her own. All of her grief resurfaced with her fathers recent passing. Emma battles with the overwhelm of her combined losses that caused her anxiety, depression and trouble in her current relationship.

  • Moving Beyond Losing a Soulmate

    Lena has found therapists and mediums futile following her soulmate’s tragic passing. She simply cannot fathom moving on when their same-sex partnership was better than any relationship Lena had ever dreamed of having.